Poems and writings

(Thoughts for thirsty minds)

"Clouds in the sky are all different from each other.  

While watching the clouds, I realize I am seeing beyond them.

I may be focusing on the clouds, but my mind is immersed in something else.

There is a Haiku poem that Ryokan (1758-1831), a Zen monk, wrote. It goes like this:

A Japanese maple leaf

It turns to show its back

It turns to show its front

Before it is time to fall


I believe Ryokan wrote about life through using the metaphor of falling leaves.
Life is an accumulation of moments.
There are moments when leaves show the sunny front, and there are moments when they show the dark backside. 
But at the end, all leaves fall and decayed".

Masao Yamamoto

(from KAWA=FLOW series presentation)

And then comes the time at the end of the day in which we look for the stillness.

In that moment,an empty space, a white paper become a source of reachness. 

"Note a margine" and "Stati d'animo celati" are an humble collection of words, few verses about daily life, hidden desires, night thoughts. We usually tend to forget sweet and elusive memories which soon become the "marginal notes" of our life.