KORA is a song cycle written for guitar, prepared piano, rhodes, doublebass and drums.

The project is inspired by european sacred music and it merges together different composing and improvising approaches which take you through contemporary classical music, modern jazz, avant-garde and folk music. Dreamy melodies alternate with sudden and radical improvisations giving gradually


spaces to new sound evocations and musical textures.

Moreover, the commingling of electronic and acoustic instruments creats unpredictable and creative possbility of expression giving rise to the musical dialogue always suspended between the collective and the individual expression.

Kora can be described as a synthesis of two of Zanus' passions: contemporary composition and free improvisation.

GIACOMO ZANUS - el. guitar, lap steel, lap harp, electronics, composition 

GIORGIO PACORIG - Rhodes, piano, harmonium, mellotron, synth, harpsichord


MARCO D'ORLANDOdrums, glockenspiel

Available on CD, download and streaming