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The main project of the Italian guitarist and composer Giacomo Zanus brings together a group of four creative musicians, all based in the North-East of Italy and active in the jazz and experimental jazz scene.

KORA is a project born with the necessity to merge composition with (free) improvisation by working with different structures and languages. The result is a honest and uncompromised approach to music itself without any kind of limits and pre-established boundaries.

The commingling of electronic and acoustic instruments represents the common thread of the musical flow, capable to take the listener through a large array of sound evocations and musical textures, from contemporary classical music to modern jazz, avant-garde and folk.


Dreamy “cinematographic” melodies, songs, chamber compositions, sketches of sacred music alternate with sudden and radical improvisations, combining melody with abstraction, “rational” instinct with unpredictable.


KORA sets no limits between melodies and noises.

KORA has no boundaries between acoustics and electronics, musical research and tradition.

KORA can be identified in light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness, the known and the unknown.

GIACOMO ZANUS - el. guitar, lap steel, lap harp, electronics, composition 

GIORGIO PACORIG - Rhodes, piano, harmonium, mellotron, synth, harpsichord


MARCO D'ORLANDOdrums, glockenspiel

Available on CD, download and streaming

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