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Four "sonic frames" fixed in a space which constantly shifts and evolves between action and inertia, reality and imagination.
A thunder, a light, a vision.
This music starts from an urge, the need to investigate the narrative flow that precedes and comes after an image, trying to retrieve what we have lost and what we have in front. The feeling of a sudden inspiration and the lasting traces of memory.


"Is it possible to capture the reality in a single frame?
What happen if we try to resume the flow of time before and after a single image?"

In his first solo album, the Italian composer and improviser Giacomo Zanus takes inspiration from the concept behind the last visual work of the Iranian filmmaker, poet and photographer Abbas Kiarostami ("24frames") to fix four imaginary landscapes (both composed and improvised) where the ongoing fluctuation of different layers and the constant renewal of new details marks the chain of events.

Subtle, shifting textures, melancholic repetitions and field recordings define a palette of introspective
climates that embrace an array of sounds from experimental music, to avant-folk and minimalism.


Giacomo Zanus: el.guitar, electronics, field recordings

Recorded by Giacomo Zanus between March and May 2020.
Mixed and mastered by Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio (Montebelluna,

in June 2020.

Available on digital format and 60 numbered audio cassette from 22nd of November.
Produced by Esc.Rec. and Giacomo Zanus

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